Scandinavian Tele Consult Ltd. (STC)

The Internet and the rapid development within IT keeps on changing the business world as we know it. New businesses reengineering tools emerge and it becomes essential for today's business to employ the latest technology in order to optimize its business processes and realize its visions. Business and technology are no longer two separate entities, but are now fused together into one single unit. At STC we have the scale and expertise to create a complete TeleIT solution for your organization.

Gazelle 2007- Appointed Gazelle company 2007 by D&B. Please click the link for information on the fastest growing Danish Gazelle companies.

Gazelle Award to STC

STC-Consult- We combine our 15 years of experience in the Tele industry with our technical and operational expertise to help you optimize your business units. STC-Consult can also advise you on acquisitions, developments and implementation of complex provisioning- and billing systems.

STC-Systems- In order to help you achieve your business visions we focus on building and integrating applications and IT systems especially for your business.

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