Scandinavian Tele Consult Ltd. (STC)

Scandinavian Tele Consult A/S (STC) is organized in a consultancy business function- STC-Consult and a systems integration bureau- STC-Systems. STC offers services to small, medium and large sized organizations. Our particular knowledge of the Tele and IT market place and the service sector is actively used by STC to increase our clients competitive power.

STC's organization is built up around a network of independent specialists, with a central administration hub. This form of organization gives the company a considerable degree of flexibility and dynamics. The staff is adjusted in line with the size and character of the assignment. This way our clients rapidly get access to more qualified resources and at the same time they are guaranteed a broad spectrum of experience, competence and services at a high quality level.

Scandinavian Tele Consult A/S

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