Scandinavian Tele Consult Ltd. (STC)

Monitoring the proactive customer provisioning process is often regarded as a less important focus area. As a result solutions are often established as cost-ineffective manual routines. STC-Systems offer a variety of solutions and products for functional ordering and billing.

In order to gain full advantage of your IT investments it is important that your IT systems support your business strategies and that they fit both present and future technologies. STC has 15 years of experience in the marketplace and hence we have the needed knowledge and experience to help create the IT infrastructure that will help your company to optimize its processes and obtain its business goals.

We adjust our portfolio of services and products and turn them into integrated solutions suited to the individual needs of our customers. We offer continuing product development and a deep involvement to give our customers a superior customer service. We deliver innovative and economical products and services in integrated systems of high quality.

We have specialized in:

  • Automated Tele Ordering Systems - ATOS
  • Automated Billingprocess Systems - ABILS
  • Web-services - NetStatus

One Solution - Your Solution

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