Scandinavian Tele Consult Ltd. (STC)

Modus Operandi: "Plug and - operate" in complex systems and diversified organizational setup.

The "plug and operate" concept has been developed in order to simplify the integration of numerous and often complex system set-up.

By using our products and consultancy support and recommandations, our clients will experience the One Solution -One Interface -One Counsellor and hence -One point of contact, situation.

In other words we work for our customerīs success by adding value through simple to use, but exceptional products and innovative consulting solutions.

We strive for excellence in everything we do, always. We embrace the will to be different, new ideas, and respect for the individual.

We live by our vision, and measure our success by the success of all our clients.

Scandinavian Tele Consult A/S

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