Scandinavian Tele Consult Ltd. (STC)

STC supportīs the organization with convergent and integrated software solution. The ATOS series of applications consist of entities that will support front-office- and back-office personel as well as senior management and account managementīs need of information.

The ATOS line of products consist of the following modules:

ATOS PROCESS is the nucleus in the system. All data is stored, validated, distributed and redistributed. The system supports ftp, web, mail, odbc or specialized access as per clients definition. Includes error detection and error notification routines.

TracerAssist is an add on module for ATOS Process and is monitoring order status. Includes features like graphical and visual presentation of registrated data. Extraction of process flow for selected orders, reminders and alert notification. Designed for back-office or frontoffice usage.

TracerStat is computing orders processed. Includes features like extraction of passed, and rejected order within a userdefined timeframe. Generates notification for key personel. Designed for key account or executive management usage.

ATOS RETAIL dataentry and datacatch application. Gives access to operatorīs customer base through card reader/ scanner & POS terminals. Validates dataset before entry into customer credit rating.

For further details and to upload the entire ATOS-whitepaper in PDF format click here.

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