Scandinavian Tele Consult Ltd. (STC)

Today almost all modern companies utilize the Internet in one way or the other. Whether you use the Internet to expand your existing business, create a new business or simply to keep your customers informed in new ways, the Internet introduces new risks and challenges. Utilizing the Internet to its fullest requires technological expertise that not all companies possess.

STC-System's web service delivers the Internet infrastructure counseling that is necessary to bring your organization successfully into the internet environment.

STC-System's web service activities are divided into interactive process phases where the organization through milestone reviews is guaranteed that there is acceptance of the defined and designed assignment, and that the used technology and methodology is deeply rooted and accepted in the organization.

The process will on behalf of the client typically include:

  • analysis, clarification and planning
  • design proposal and test site ( the first limited code part )
  • first development part ( at beforehand defined and agreed level of ambition )
  • implementation on the internet and other development part
  • implementation on the internet and possibly third and fourth development part
  • operation and maintenance

We can host and control the future maintenance of the site.

A financial estimate will be given for every developed part and the web-site can be used commercially after each development.

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